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You worked hard for the savings you have. You want to protect it but you want some earnings as well. Annuities are a wonderful opportunity to reach your financial goals.

An annuity is a contractual financial product sold by financial institutions that is designed to accept and grow funds from an individual and then, upon annuitization, pay out a stream of payments to the individual at a later point in time. The period of time when an annuity is being funded and before payouts begin is referred to as the accumulation phase. Once payments commence, the contract is in the annuitization phase. Annuities were designed to be a reliable means of securing a steady cash flow for an individual during their retirement years and to alleviate fears of longevity risk, or outliving one’s assets. Annuities can also be created to turn a substantial lump sum into a steady cash flow, such as for winners of large cash settlements from a lawsuit or from winning the lottery. Defined benefit pensions and Social Security are two examples of lifetime guaranteed annuities that pay retirees a steady cash flow until they pass.


We offer the entire range of life and health insurance products from over 40 of the most prominent providers allowing you the opportunity to obtain the coverage you need. These products include:

Permanent Life Products including Whole Life, Universal Life and Final Expense

Term Products including Level Term, Mortgage, Childrens’ coverage

Business Products including Group Life products

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